ah right. If your ex is spreading rumors and claiming you want them back (when you definitely do not, thank you very much), its probably because they want this to be true. Been blocked unfriended on social media by an ex after months of NC. .

Why did my ex unfriend me but not block me after

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The answer is simple They don't want to deal with the confrontation.

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If your ex is constantly viewing your profile and posts, it might be time to take action and block them.

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Is it working in the way that you hoped You might find that time changes what you need. ) you havent unfollowed him so he thinks it is cool to still be following one another.

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How do I feel after my decision Its helpful to keep tabs on how you feel after your decision.

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Youre probably just minding your business while your ex is minding his or hers. NC is about removing there presence from your life, and that means stalking their social media profiles. And if you know that your ex is one, then this might be their latest ploy to have you looking their way. And looks like you like to be humiliated as well. Sometimes, guys realize theyve made a mistake and want to fix that. Stage 1 Shock and Denial.

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It could be that they want to keep tabs on you, or theyre hoping to get back together with you one day.

discount code browser extensionShe&39;s blatantly treating miserably, and the one thing you&39;re asking is why she did not block you. submitted uri too large xampp

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