A cow barn costs 254,000 and holds 45 cows. . Like the previous version, the new version of Farming Simulator 22 also has five animals that you can breed cows, pigs, chickens, horses and sheep. Age of cow matters. 0 month old cows wont produce mil yet.

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They have grass and hay but aren&39;t making milk yet.

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But after 2 years they still are at 0 health and 0 production.

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TheRealNinjaTTV Nov 25, 2021 1122am. Lights automatically come on at 6pm, and turn off at 8am Can hold 450 000 Straw Can hold 750 000 Food Price 125000 Daily. The barns also have their own water supply, which is a huge plus. An old school tie stall dairy barn for FS22.

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